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The Darn Good Life Podcast

“Business As Usual”

The coronavirus is spreading rapidly. Governments and businesses alike are taking preventative measures to limit its impact, but what about the companies who decide that their operations will remain “business as usual”? In today’s episode, Danielle discusses why that’s a terrible business strategy and shares the #1 approach all businesses should take during crises. Hello, …

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Just Stop: What if you had more time?

“Your ancestors, who were hunting and gathering their food, enjoyed more leisure time than you, who lives in a society where your groceries can be delivered from a store to your door.” Read Just Stop: https://readjuststop.com/ 2:55: How Mike and Dain met 4:20: How hearing people talk about wishing they had more time inspired Mike and …

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Limiting Beliefs Around Money

Do you feel like you’re constantly living paycheck to paycheck? Could you use more money? Today’s episode highlights how your relationship with money could be holding you back from true wealth. Danielle also highlights key points from Kyle Cease’s book, “The Illusion of Money: Why Chasing Money Is Stopping You From Receiving It,” and finally, …

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How to Battle the Consumption Culture

How many hours do you spend looking at a screen? Whether you’re starting at your iPhone, computer, television, or even your kindle, we now live in a society that cultivates consumption over creation. In this episode, Danielle explores how social media and technology are changing the fabric of society.  How many hours per day do …

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