Altered Consciousness & Mental Health with Colton Mewbourne

Hey everyone, and welcome to Episode 26 of the Darn Good Life Podcast. I am your host, Danielle Roberts, and today I’m bringing you a second, special edition Mental Health Awareness Month interview with Colton Mewbourne.

Colton is a Business Gift Specialist for Cutco, the number one business gift company in the n nation. He’s a graduate of the University of West Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Logistics. As a direct sales rep, Colton has eclipsed $1.3 million worth of Cutco kitchen knife sales and has mentored others along the way. He speaks all across the country to various agents, entrepreneurs, and sales people delivering workshops on sales, marketing, and branding.

This past year, Colton partnered with renowned coach Rob Dial to help business professionals and coaches level up their business, including mindset support.

Along with helping to run these two businesses, he enjoys DJing, eating pizza, and hosting his own podcast called Professional Hippies.

Colton in general is one of the most grounded, fascinating people I’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking with. To me, his presence and the way he speaks and the intensity with which he listens all collectively make him incredible and worth listening to.

In today’s episode, we discuss natural steps to help mental health, what altered consciousness means, and the role mentorship and psychedelics have played in his personal mental health journey. Let’s get to the show…

2:30 – Colton’s Mental Health Journey

4:00 – his first exposure to mental growth at Cutco

6:40 – What goes unsaid and what humans really want

9:00 – Altered states of consciousness, loving your mind, and finding inner peace

15:00 – Compounds that give us access to worlds that live alongside of us

16:30 – Colton’s 10 Commandments for preparing for an altered consciousness experience

21:00 – Breathwork, yoga, and starting small

25:15 – The journey of mental health through personal growth and how psychedelics gave Colton permission to “let his freak out,” express who he is, and find meaning

30:00 – Making the subsconscious conscious

34:00 – Artificial vs. Natural methods

39:00 – The wave of reconditioning and changing how these compounds are used in our society

43:00 – Rewiring our brain

46:30 – What living a good life means to Colton




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