Welcome to the Darn Good Life

Hello everyone, and welcome to my brand new show! My name is Danielle Roberts, but since we’re all friends and family here, you can call me Darn. And I am the host of The Darn Good Life Podcast.

For those of you who already know me personally, let me say that I am absolutely thrilled to have you support me on this new medium, and in every area of my life.

And for those of you who don’t know me yet – welcome, and thank you so much for joining me. I look forward to us getting to know one another better.

I wanted to kick off this inaugural episode by sharing more about me, my inspiration for starting this podcast, and how I hope to help you through what I share here.

First thing’s first: you might be wondering where the name “Darn” came from. It’s a family nickname I got sometime in middle school, and it stuck from a very young age. More people call me that, than by my real name!

I consider myself a multi-passionate human being. Online business coach Marie Forleo coined that term: multi-passionate.

It speaks to my soul, because I care about so many things that I can’t be defined by just one thing. I feel like a lot of people feel the same way.

I used to dread the question, “What do you do?”

Now, I embrace it..because I can confidently say I am multi-passionate.

I am a social media marketing expert, with a decade of experience handling communications for national and multi-million dollar businesses.

I am an entrepreneur. I am the co-founder of Tail of Two Creatives, a WordPress web design agency.

I am the co-founder of Inclusive Apparel Company, an online apparel store committed to diversity.

I am a values-driven, Jersey girl with grit, on a lifelong journey of discovering myself.

Doing this podcast is a commitment to myself and to the outside world, that I can consistently show up as the most authentic version of myself, in every aspect of my life, in all my forms. The good stuff, the bad stuff, and everything in between. 

Like I said, I am a social media marketer by trade, and I feel like I lost a bit of my authentic voice over the past 10 years because I’ve spent so much time making sure what I send out on behalf of the businesses I work for, is as polished and perfect as possible. I tend to forget to include the messy middle of how I get from point A to point B.

I’ve come to find that people don’t want that perfect, polished version. People want to connect with people like them – people they can empathize with.

Thinking, feeling, people who are a work in progress and a masterpiece at the same time.

So I am here, showing up, reclaiming my authentic voice. I promise the episodes you listen to on my show will encourage you do the same.

In fact, we’ll be doing it together.

Because, like me, I know that you were meant for more.

Because, like me, I know that you want to reach out into the universe and see what reaches back, reigniting that fire within you.

Because, like me, I know that you’re done making decisions based out of fear. Fear of not being good enough.

Because like me, I know you’ve had it with living based on someone else’s definition of success.

So… I am here to follow my curiosity and see where it leads me, and to keep it raw and real with you, every step of the way, with the hope that I can break down barriers that get in the way of building a life you love — one that makes you truly excited to get out of the bed in the morning.

I look forward to what we’re going to build together here. Because life is short, and we should do our best to make today count.

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Hey, I'm Danielle!

I’m a multi-passionate, queer entrepreneur, coach, and podcast host obsessed with personal development and the relentless pursuit of building a life that I love.

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