6 Business Models That Make Money Right Away with Foundr’s Zack Kinslow

Hey Everyone! Welcome to Episode 16 of the Darn Good Life Podcast. I am your host, Danielle Roberts.

I’ve been thinking about the future of work after this pandemic has passed. I know a lot of people who have been laid off, furloughed, even fired. Millions in the world are currently jobless.

There is no doubt that our future workforce will look much different than what we’re used to. Many people have already gone back to work in a brick and mortar, in-person setting. Many others won’t ever be able to go back to work as they know it, because their industry will be forever changed. And some people, having had time off to think about their futures, simply might not want to return to what they were doing before.

If you’re one of the people out there looking to explore other avenues or venture into entrepreneurship, you’re in luck!

Because in today’s episode, I’ll be sitting down with a longtime friend of mine, Zack Kinslow. We met in our college days, and I worked with him at my first ever agency job out of college, and it’s been a pleasure staying in touch with him all these years. He’s helped to spur my initial love for marketing and has been a catalyst along my entrepreneurial journey.

Now, Zack is the Education Production Lead at Foundr Magazine, which is an independently published global media and education company that works with the greatest founders of our time, distilling their lessons into magazines, blogs, podcasts, books, and courses. Formerly, Zack was Content Manager at Skillshare, and prior to that, Director of Community at ADC Global (The One Club for Creativity). He holds a Bachelor of Advertising from Rowan University and lives in Brooklyn, NYC with his wife and dog. Zack has produced over 100 online video courses in his career, serving over 500,000 students worldwide.

Before the eLearning world, Zack has a background in copywriting, SEO, and social media marketing. He has a passion for social good initiatives that leverage creativity and technology to create a positive impact on the world. And he is very passionate about helping people find their true calling – whether that’s freelancing, a creative side hustle, or taking the leap into entrepreneurship.

Check out the blog article as originally written by Zack on the Foundr website.

Episode Timestamps:

  • 3:20: Zack’s background prior to joining Foundr Magazine
  • 6:00: Foundr’s different course offerings
  • 8:20: The important shift from our traditional education system to online, remote learning
  •  11:30: Shifts we can expect to occur in the workplace post-COVID-19, like working from home, flexible hours, trust, and empathy
  • 18:30: What inspired Zack to write the blog article, 6 Business Models That Make Money Right Away
  • 24:15: Freelancing & Consulting
  • 28:30: What to consider when setting pricing
  • 36:00: E-books
  • 40:30: Why decision-making thing is the #1 important thing in business
  • 42:25: E-commerce
  • 49:25: SaaS Products
  • 53:35: Zack’s advice for anyone considering these business models after working with some of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs
  • 57:00: What living a good life means to Zack
Where to find more information about Foundr Magazine:
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