Just Stop: What if you had more time?

“Your ancestors, who were hunting and gathering their food, enjoyed more leisure time than you, who lives in a society where your groceries can be delivered from a store to your door.”
Read Just Stop: https://readjuststop.com/
  • 2:55: How Mike and Dain met
  • 4:20: How hearing people talk about wishing they had more time inspired Mike and Dain to write Just Stop
  • 7:10: Why time is rooted in a sense of scarcity
  • 8:10: Why, if you miraculously had an eighth day in the week, you’d spend it exactly like the other seven
  • 10:15: Where the scarcity mindset comes from
  • 13:40: How hunters and gatherers enjoyed more leisure time than we do
  • 18:55: How social media and technology play a part in our need to reclaim our time
  • 23:50: Why using time with intention and being conscious of the choices we make are important
  • 27:44: Exercises you can do right now to change your relationship with time, and how Mike and Dain have implemented these into their own lives
  • 43:45: Where to find Just Stop
  • 47:20: What living a good life means to them


About the Authors

Dain Saint is a multi-disciplinary artist dedicated to exploring what it means to live in an abundant society. He’s been developing games and interactive experiences for over a decade, and he recently joined the Philadelphia Inquirer, and hopes to use that platform to shine a light on the amazing transformative work happening in the city. Outside of work, he performs music and poetry, volunteers for voting accessibility, and generally has a list of side projects that looks like a phone book. This year, he’s focusing on Make One Small Change, an art-activism project dedicated to creating novel ways of fostering community connection and action. Follow Dain: instagram.com/dainsaint

Mike Tannenbaum is a strategist, designer, and facilitator who helps creative leaders improve operations, navigate uncertainty, and make progress. With his company, Humanity, he helps people discover clarity and focus amid endless noise, reduce overwhelm and stress within chaotic work environments, and bring more joy to the workplace while helping people collaborate more effectively. Follow Mike: https://twitter.com/theroyalTbomb

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