Real Estate Investing & Developing a CEO Mindset with Misty Flanagan

Hey all! Welcome back to the Darn Good Life. Really excited for today’s guest, Misty Flanigan. I met her through a coaching community we are both part of, and I can tell you with complete certainty that she is an absolute powerhouse. She’s a badass who radiates positivity and never fails to lend a hand. Let me tell you more about her!

Misty is a full-time Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, and Business & Mindset Coach. She is a Managing Partner in Elevated Development and Level Up Remodeling and Co-Founder of HER Mindset Matters REI Group and the Houston Women’s Real Estate Investor Alliance (WREIA). She is very passionate about helping other female real estate investors not only build the real estate investing business of their dreams, but the confidence and proper mindset to make that life and business a true success. Misty knows mindset is everything from her own personal journey and shares the lessons, tools, and techniques she has learned along the way and from her own personal coaches and mentors with her clients to help them manage not only their business but their mindset. Helping her clients build a business is important but helping them build a life of positivity and purpose is what she is truly passionate about and how and why her clients see and accomplish true success in all areas of their lives.

Today we’re going to talk about what it takes to develop and maintain this kind of CEO mindset. It’s a real grab-life-by-the-horns conversation – so let’s get to it.

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