If you're feeling lost, unfulfilled, and overwhelmed, you’re not gonna find the answers in yet another personality test, time management app, self-care trend, or productivity hack.

But let me guess…you’ve spent much more time than you’d care to admit looking at what other people are doing on Instagram and Tiktok thinking “ok *THIS* is the solution that is going to help me!”

Only to end up more frustrated and anxious than ever…because it works for a little while, but then you fall back into the same old self-sabotaging patterns. 

Here's the thing...It's not your fault.

The problem isn’t that you aren’t capable, motivated, or disciplined enough. The problem is that you’ve been focusing on fixing your behavior when you need to focus on why that behavior is occurring.

That’s exactly what we’ll do in the 5-day challenge.


The Challenge Includes:

Day-by-day plan

Structured 10-minute audio lessons, delivered one day at a time to your inbox so you can make meaningful progress without feeling even more overwhelmed.

Downloadable workbooks

Thought-provoking assignments to accompany each day that will help you track your AHA moments & progress.

FREE Facebook Community

Get access to a private Facebook Group to share your progress and get support from a community of people who are on a similar path.

brown and white wooden desk with chair and laptop


Where your self-sabotaging patterns come from & the stories you’ve been telling yourself that ultimately keep you stuck.


Why fear is valuable & how to challenge your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions & get out of your own damn way.


Why you care about how other people perceive you & how to create goals that lead to REAL happiness.


How to identify your boundaries (and where you might be violating them) & the #1 key to advocating for yourself.


How to dream again and hold yourself accountable to making changes.

client wins

With Danielle's help, I found my voice and my value. Now, I have a future ahead of me that is bright & I'm confident in myself and my skills in a way that I couldn't even see before.

At the end of 5 days, you will be able to:

client wins

Danielle expertly guides you to get in touch with your best self & it has truly been one of the most rewarding experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here or any of the buttons throughout this page. You’ll be directed to a checkout page, where you’ll create a username and password to access the challenge.

Upon registration, you’ll get immediate access to an introduction. Then, lessons will be delivered each morning to the email you registered with, and you’ll also be able to access the lessons each day in your dashboard. You will only be able to access one day at a time so you don’t get more overwhelmed than you already are.

Each lesson is in audio format so you can listen on the go! There will also be a downloadable PDF of the transcript. Workbooks will be available in Word doc, Google doc, and PDF formats!

Each lesson takes less than 10 minutes to listen to. You’re welcome to take as much time as you’d like on the workbooks. You’ll have lifetime access in case you want to refer back 🙂

No, this challenge is self-paced, but you will get additional group support from me in the free Facebook group. I’d also love for you to pop into my DMs on Instagram to let me know what you’re learning about yourself over the 5 days. If you’d like more intimate, one-on-one support, you can learn more here.

If you’re unhappy with the experience, you can email me at info@darnroberts.com and attach your completed workbooks for a full-refund within 14 days.

client wins

I gained so much confidence in myself and my abilities by the end of this program that I no longer feel stuck and I can't wait what the future holds for me.

Meet your Coach

Hey! I'm Danielle. I've been where you are. After a decade working as a marketing expert in fancy corporate jobs, the education industry, and multi-million dollar startups, I felt completely burnt out and unfulfilled. I used to think the greatest risk was abandoning everything I worked so hard for, until I realized the bigger risk was not taking a chance on myself, and staying shackled to an old version of myself I had already outgrown. From my humble beginnings as a broke, first-generation college student to earning six figures in my twenties and starting multiple businesses in my thirties, I know what it takes to make bold career moves. Now, it’s my mission to help millennials and dream chasers who are tired of settling for “good enough,” and provide them with the tools, resources, and accountability to help them identify their self-sabotaging behaviors and remove the mental, emotional, and productivity blocks that keep them stuck in their personal and professional lives.

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