Pridecast: My Big Gay Family

Hey Everyone! Welcome to Episode Thirteen of the Darn Good Life Podcast. I am your host, Danielle Roberts. For those of you who don’t know, I’m a member of the LGBTQ+ community! June is Pride Month, and to celebrate, I’ll be posting new episodes every single week in a special segment called Pridecast! I have some great topics and special guests planned for you all month long.

Today, I’m sitting down with my brothers! I am one of five siblings, and three out of the five us identify as part of the community, which makes you think whether or not being LGBTQ is in our DNA and, in fact, not a choice like many people who are against our community like to say. We’ll be talking about the differences between our sexual orientations and gender identities, our coming out stories, and why we’re excited to be part of a progressive and open family.

A couple of disclaimers – first, we did run into some minor audio discrepancies unfortunately, which I apologize for…but if you bear with us, I promise every single second of this episode worth listening to.

Second, we put the fun in dysfunction, and we’re a strange bunch. This episode has a decent amount of profanity and a whole lot of weirdness, so if you have little ones around, I encourage you to listen with your headphones in.

Alright, let’s get to the show!


  • 1:55: How we all identify
  • 2:45: Richie’s & Sam’s coming out stories
  • 9:08: Why representation is important for young LGBTQIA people
  • 9:50: The differences between being pansexual and bisexual
  • 11:58: Is being gay in our DNA?
  • 14:40: Growing up in a religious household and how it affected our coming out
  • 24:00: Our dad’s evolution in better understanding the LGBTQIA community
  • 28:30: Richie’s biggest struggle as a gay man
  • 32:00: Sam’s biggest struggle as a trans man
  • 38:30: Richie’s experience in the drag community
  • 41:40: Being a millennial and how we differ from older and younger generations
  • 47:15: What living a good life means to Richie & Sam
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