The Road to


Breathe Life Into Your Career

The Step-By-Step Journey To Go From Living to Work to Living to Live

"So, what do you do?"


Raise your hand if you’re tired of relying on your job title to define who you are.

Raise your hand if your sleep schedule is f*cked from worrying about work & coping with the stress of it.

Raise your hand if you feel behind professionally and financially & keep looking for ways to numb the feelings.

Raise your hand if you find yourself following peers on LinkedIn & Instagram saying “why isn’t this happening for me?”

Raise your hand if you feel tongue-tied, heart racing, when someone asks you, “what do you want to do with your life?”

Raise your hand if you’re feeling “stuck” in your industry but feel like it’s too late to pivot.

Raise your hand if you still find yourself only looking for opportunities in your current field because “it’s what you’ve always done.”

Let's make sure we're on the same page...

📢 Your Career Is Not Your Purpose

Read that again.

I’ve heard it again and again – “I’m overwhelmed, unfulfilled, and exhausted with trying to find my passion or purpose in life.”

After years of school and racking up thousands of dollars in debt, we believe that a stable 9-5 job, shiny with all the benefits and promises for growth, will make us happy.

Like a shiny trophy to win after competing against ourselves for years 🏆

Only to find that the career that was supposed to make us feel whole & accomplished, actually made us feel stuck & deflated.

We realize the trophy is plastic and we don’t know what we were working for.

We do everything right on the outside.

Only to feel like something is missing on the inside.

Here’s why.

Your work, your career, what you spend hours doing every week, month and year, is a piece of your everyday life.

But it’s not the whole damn puzzle.

It’s not your whole life.

The real career work begins when you see your job as a tool to live a life that lights you up.



The Road to Revival

Breathe Life Into Your Career

A self-paced career and life journey to uncover every limiting belief, define your dream life, and uncover careers & opportunities that feel like a hell yes.

Hey, I'm Danielle.

I help millennials live a life that feels full as f*ck by figuring out what you actually want.

I also…

✍️Love to read and write acrostic poetry

🐶 Give my dogs (read: kids) daily belly rubs

🍣🍷 Will always say yes to a glass of dry red wine and sushi

While working 60+ hour weeks for two years out of college, I learned that my mom had cancer and within 10 weeks, she passed away and I was at my desk after 3 days of bereavement leave.

I threw myself into the chaotic agency work life to distract myself, but couldn’t shake the heaviness. Despite a pay raise and new environment, I was getting yelled at by customers online all day, was consistently gaslit by my boss, glued to my phone for 24/7 work emergencies, and didn’t feel safe in the workplace. After spending years trying to look the other way, I decided to take a mental health leave of absence when the panic attacks and stress became unbearable.

Another position, another salary bump, and another change of scenery later, I was laid off during the pandemic alongside hundreds of others and unemployed for the first time since I was 15.

One of my passions in life, and the lifeblood of my business, is guiding clients to ask the real questions to uncover what they truly want. So then, they can find work that complements their f*ck yes dream life.

Because that’s what I did.

I was finally able to slow down and process my mom’s death ten years ago through therapy and starting my own self-discovery journey. I learned that my social media career never aligned with my values and I was operating on corporate autopilot. Once I built an intimate relationship with myself, I was able to bring balance, peace & fulfillment into everyday life through helping you do the same.

Let’s f*cking go.

Let’s Be Clear, This Isn’t Just a Career Course… Because Living Your Life Is Your Full-Time Job

Do I want you to do work you love, that lights you up, and complements your dream life?


Do I think the answer lies in just another “How to craft the perfect resume” or “Nailing the interview” lesson?


My approach as a Career & Fulfillment Coach works from the inside out.

We’ll reverse engineer the most aligned opportunities for your goals, based on the life you want to wake up to every morning.

It’s not about just getting “the job.” It’s about understanding if that job is bringing you close to your dream life.

So how is this different from just another career course?

Here’s what I prioritize in my approach.


Before Danielle, I was in a state of desperation from the chaos in my life. Fear was consuming my life...fear of being a bad mother, fear of staying in a bad marriage, fear of failing everyone, including myself. I'd taken deep dives into my past in therapy and worked with a couples therapist for over a decade, but nothing prepared me for the level of real talk I got from Danielle. Since I started working with Danielle a few short months ago, I've grown closer to that person I know I'm meant to become. Danielle gives the tough love, but she does it with great care and compassion. She holds me accountable to myself. For years I tried to get off this current path and I'd give up hope and stayed stuck. Working with Danielle has given me the tools to cope and heal so that I can move forward and move to the path I am meant to be on, without fear. I still have a long way to go, but that doesn't mean I'm not a long way from the person I was three months ago, and that's all because of the work I've done with Danielle. Working with Danielle is one of the best investments I've ever made for myself and an investment I will continue to make. I plan to see this through with her so we can both meet the person I know I'm meant to be. 

I have followed Danielle on Instagram for a while and always felt inspired by her content and knew she'd be a good resource if I was ever starting the job search process. Last fall I returned to work from a maternity leave and within a week started to feel pretty severe symptoms of stress and burnout that I assumed would go away after being away from the office. It was so much to process and I felt really torn and undecided on what I should do. I previously LOVED my job but it just wasn't serving me anymore. The idea of moving away from it was scary and carried a lot of uncertainty. On basically a whim I messaged Danielle and asked if she'd be willing to talk with me about my situation and help me get some clarity on my next step. I anticipated taking 15-20 minutes of her time and that'd be it. Instead she had me fill out a questionnaire before our meeting to get a better feel for my situation and then she spent an hour talking with me about all things life, purpose, and career and by the end of the conversation I felt not only ready to make a change but confident in the decision to change. Danielle was the catalyst to help me help myself and a month after our conversation, I had accepted a new job! I'm forever grateful for the kindness and compassion she showed me that day and credit her for helping me rediscover some purpose in a very difficult time.

I was feeling unexpectedly defeated in my career. I knew I was not unique in this after everything the world went through due to the pandemic, so I reached out to Danielle again. I needed to talk to someone who understood my situation and had the highest likelihood of being able to answer the question, "What should I do?" She was on the phone with me less than 24 hours later, unintentionally playing therapist as I melted down in my car, unloading all my emotional baggage on her. She was remarkable. She listened with so much grace - more so than some of those closest to me. She was patient with my rambling stories and sporadic questions. She gave me hope that no matter what I decided to do, I was in control, and I would be okay. It was because of her that I chose to do something with that control. I spoke up. I left a toxic freelance position. I started setting boundaries and prioritizing my own mental health in addition to falling back in love with the creative expression my full-time position promises me. Most importantly, I stopped seeing myself as the victim and I stepped confidently into the mindset of a leader while recognizing the benefits of having a healthy work/life balance.

Your Unique Roadmap
Everyone’s starting coordinates are different. Once you enroll, you’ll choose a track that makes you go, ‘omg that’s definitely me.”
🔑 Ignition Mindset
You’re sitting in the driver’s seat, the keys are in the ignition, but you can’t get yourself to put the car in drive. You know you want to drive down a different path, but you don’t know where you want to go. The self-doubt, comparing your achievements to others, and questioning yourself about your purpose are keeping you in park.
After spending his entire career as an audio engineer in Hollywood, what he thought was his dream job, M realized that his work was taking a toll on his mental health. He kept at it, hoping it would pass, and feeling lost about transferring his skills to a new field.

When we started working together, we didn’t just open LinkedIn to see who was hiring for an engineer. Instead, we drilled into the limiting beliefs and mindset blocks keeping him from a career that complemented his life. We identified his strengths, states of flow, and values and then found positions and industries that fit his life. He had the confidence to begin outreach because he knew what he was looking for.
🔑 GPS Mindset
The car’s in drive, but you’re going in circles without any ideas on where you’re headed.

After scrolling on social media and listening to the advice of peers and mentors who look like they’ve ‘figured it out,’ you’re more confused and overwhelmed by options everyday. You’re worried you’ll make a decision, put your heart and soul into it, and realize you were wrong & have to start all over.
After graduating with a marketing degree, S swiftly signed on to one of the first jobs she found, even though it wasn’t related to what she studied or what she wanted to do. 10 years later, S still felt the pull towards marketing but felt like it was too late to make the switch. The voices of friends and family members telling her what ‘she should do’ and ‘to be realistic’ overwhelmed her.

Together, we identified connections she was making between her personal life and professional insecurities to really understand what was keeping her afraid. We translated her experiences to support her desired job and in the end, she had 2 ideal opportunities offering twice her previous salary.
🔑 Detour Mindset
You’ve been on the highway with the destination locked in, but the road seems endless. You’re not getting anywhere.

The frustration and high expectations are weighing you down and years of people-pleasing and burning yourself out for someone else’s dream have left you craving more. You’re ready to listen to your own gut, follow your own directions, and focus on what you want.
This is where I was, until a few years ago. After a decade of working in marketing and social media, reaching 6-figures, and finally ‘making it,’ I realized that I didn't want to do it anymore. And that’s f*cking scary. Starting over, leaving behind a career you’ve built, it’s not easy work. But it was necessary.

After taking time to ask myself, “what do I want out of my work,” I found career & fulfillment coaching and transferred my social media skills to build my personal brand and craft a life that I’m excited to wake up to. I don’t live to work anymore. I live for myself.
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The Road to Revival Breakdown

A self-paced career and life journey to uncover every limiting belief, define your dream life, and uncover careers & opportunities that feel like a hell yes.

Module 1: Welcome & Introduction

We’ll kick the journey off with an introduction to the content, what to expect, and my best advice for getting the most out of the course.

Module 2: Make a U-Turn

You’ll unlearn everything society has taught you about being happy and successful so you can define it for yourself. Before moving forward with a new life, we have to take a step back and reclaim clarity and confidence to show up authentically

Module 3: Directions to Destination

Believing that the career and life you want can be yours while aligning with your values, is the foundation. And when we identify all of those variables and put them together, we have an internal GPS that makes creating your plan, both for your short-term and long-term career goals, as clear as possible.

Module 4: Rearview Reflections

All of the lessons and skills you’ve picked up can serve you in your future career and job goals, even if you’re switching to a different industry. We’ll hone in on your strengths, skills, interests, and states of flow and showcase them to position you as a high-value hire.

Module 5: Pick Your Playlist

It’s time to use everything we’ve put together to tell your career story that’ll keep future employers captivated and ready for more. You’ll clarify what positions and industries you want to aim for and package your experience into an unforgettable and stand-out personal brand.

Module 6: Enjoy the Ride

Getting the job offer you want isn’t your final destination. It’s crucial that we explore who you are outside of the 9-5 and establish a work-life balance that keeps space open for you to feel fulfilled by your overall life, not just your career.

And to kick things up a notch...

✅ Follow-Along Workbook & Assignments For Each Module to Track Your AHA Moments & Progress

✅ Instant Access to Every Module & Resource

✅ Lifetime Access

✅ Proposed Study Plan For 3 Different Tracks, Based On Your Starting Point & Schedule

✅ Immediate Access to Future Updates

✅ Additional Reading & Resources

And To The First 20 People To Say Hell Yes...

Cheers! I’m hosting a LIVE group coaching call for the first 20 students to enroll so I can offer you personalized support & feedback and introduce you to others who will remind you that you’re not alone.

Where You’re Starting & Where You’re Going 🛣️

“I don’t know what my purpose is.” 



✨ “My purpose is to live life as I damn well please. My purpose is to wake up everyday, grateful & excited. My career supports my dream life.”

“It’s too late for me to change careers & pursue something new.”



✨”I value my happiness enough to believe in my abilities to transition to a new career that supports the life I want and I know I have transferable skills & experiences to bring to the table.”

“I have a job and I make money, but I still don’t feel happy.”



✨”The happiness I’m seeking won’t come from a job or money. Where I work and my income are tools for me to use to craft & support a f*ck yes life.”

“Everyone’s telling me what’s logical or practical. But none of it sounds like me.”



✨ “I trust my inner guidance and judgment. Now that I know what I want and why I want it, the path is clear and I can handle it.”

“I don’t feel like I’m worthy of the job I want.”



✨ “I am confident in my own skills and strengths and will bring high-value to any employer or position that aligns with my goals.”


Okay Danielle, I know it's my time.
Let's do the damn thing.

One-Time Investment


And To The First 20 People To Say Hell Yes...

will be invited to a LIVE group coaching call where I’ll offer you personalized support & feedback based on where you are and where you want to go (and the steps in between).

The Road to Revival

A self-paced career and life journey to uncover every limiting belief, define your dream life, and uncover careers & opportunities that feel like a hell yes.


✅ Follow-Along Workbook & Assignments For Each Module to Track Your AHA Moments & Progress

✅ Instant Access to Every Module & Resource

✅ Lifetime Access

✅ Proposed Study Plan For 3 Different Tracks, Based On Your Starting Point & Schedule

✅ Immediate Access to Future Updates

✅ Additional Reading & Resources

One-Time Investment


“This all sounds great…
but I’m still not sure if it’ll work for me.”

I never want you to invest in one of my programs without it being a full-body yes.

That’s why you have 3 days after you enroll to go through the content, see how it makes you feel, and decide if you want to stay enrolled.

If not, no hard feelings. Send me an email and you’ll get your money back.

Frequently asked


First, I give you a virtual high five for saying HELL YES to your dream life. Then, you’ll get an email from me with all of your login credentials and a link to your learning dashboard where you’ll find every module and lesson ready for you.

This is a DIY and self-paced course where you’ll have all of the content ready and waiting for you when you enroll. There are no group or 1-on-1 calls built into the curriculum. For more information on my group programs and 1-on-1 coaching, you can click here

There is no personalized mentoring inside of the program but there are modules that cover showing up confidently as a high-value hire during the process, with full clarity on which jobs and careers are a best fit for your dream life. This course does not cover personalized or specific interview prep, salary negotiations, or networking.

If you are someone who wants more life & more fulfillment in your everyday life, you’re in the right place. The job or career you’re starting from doesn’t define where you’re going, where you have to go, or how you get there. You have strengths, skills & experiences that can translate to whatever career or industry you choose to pursue. Through this work, you’ll identify all of that and have a gameplan for moving forward.

Absolutely. You’re starting with a blank page. All of the prompts, work, and content will help you understand what you’re looking for out of a job or career and give you the tools and confidence to pursue it, as your authentic self.

This is a self-paced, DIY course. All of the content has been pre-recorded and will be ready for you to watch as soon as you enroll.